FIARTWOOD was born from the passion for the art of artistic fretwork.

From the ancient tradition of processing arboreal heather root, closely linked to the territory, born among the shepherds.

The adventure begins in S. Lucia del Mela, a small village on the Peloritani hills, surrounded by nature, between mountains and sea, with the splendid scenery of the Aeolian Islands.


It is here that from the passion handed down from father to son, Felice Impalà, after graduation, begins to dedicate his free time to the creation of the first wooden artefacts. There are numerous works made with a fretwork arch and artistic turning.



From small creations sold in Sicilian artisan fairs and markets, today the Fiartwood company has become an artisan workshop, which produces both unique pieces par excellence, but with the advent of new technologies, together with the desire to best meet the customer's needs. , is able to produce items in large quantities.

Favors, wooden pens, design objects and splendid jewels are the products most requested by customers who appreciate the projects of the master Felice Impalà.

The flagship are the Fiartwood Pipes, patiently handcrafted with the precious heather briar wood, an evergreen shrub that grows in the Luciesi mountains.

Numerous are the acknowledgments obtained by Felice Impalà for his Nativity scene art; Nativity scenes built entirely by hand with beautiful olive wood and other fine woods.


Today the Fiartwood company ships its creations all over the world; present on the US market, France, Germany, Great Britain and throughout Italy.
Daily commitment, patience, dedication to work, growth and attention to the customer are the objectives that Fiartwood has set itself.
The products with the Fiartwood brand are 100% Made in Italy, exclusively handcrafted, with carefully selected materials and with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee.
Welcome to my site, enjoy your visit.
Felice Impalà